ViMove for climate

In extraordinary times like these we cannot lose sight of our responsibility for our children and grandchildren. As a family owned company that thinks in generations, we would link to remind everyone and make a contribution.

With "ViMove for climate", a campaign was launched in which Viessmann employees and partners had the opportunity to collect as many running and cycling kilometres as possible in the time period between 22 June to 5 July. The final result was more than impressive, with 132,853 kilometres and 64,419 trees. In cooperation with the young Norwegian start-up "Chooose", these trees are being planted in the developing countries of Cambodia, Kenya and Uganda, in order to provide the next generations with a sustainable basis for life. All projects have a direct impact on the conservation of the biological diversity of the rainforest, the mitigation of climate change and the improvement of the livelihoods of many people directly on the ground.

Due to the great response, "ViMove for climate" went into the next round a short time later and the circle of participants was expanded. Family and friends of Viessmann employees and partners of the company were also able to take part and collect kilometres or trees for the climate. From 18 July to 2 August, an impressive number of kilometres were once again collected during this phase. In the end, the big goal of 150,000 trees was achieved.

This time, the donation projects were proposed by the national companies of the large Viessmann family and in some cases supported even before "ViMove for climate". All trees that were cycled or walked on between 18 July and 2 August will benefit reforestation projects in Germany, China, Russia and the UK.


How we calculate

For every kilometre run, Viessmann will donate a tree for international reforestation projects. Three kilometres on the bike will also lead to a donation of one tree.


Arnd Peiffer - Biathlon

Arnd Peiffer – Biathlon

(Photo: © Arnd Peiffer)

Stephan Leyhe - Ski-Jump

Stephan Leyhe – Ski-Jumping

(Photo: © Stephan Leyhe)

Philipp Nawrath - Biathlon

Philipp Nawrath – Biathlon

(Photo: © Philipp Nawrath)

The reforestation projects

The German project involves the reforestation of the Kellerwald forest, which is not only very close to Viessmann's headquarters in Allendorf (Eder), but has also been a UNESCO World Natural Heritage for several years. The reforestation will be carried out with trees that are common in the region.

Another part of the collected trees will be invested in a project in China.This consists of three modules: natural recovering, natural knowledge education and engagement to the environment friendly behaviours. Good to know: it has been supported by the Chinese colleagues since 2019. So far, Viessmann has already donated over 8,000 trees and now more trees will follow.

Trees are also to be planted in Russia. It is a reforestation project that organises tree planting in 15 regions of the country. Some of the Viessmann trees will be planted in the region around the Russian city of Yekaterinburg on the Ural Mountains. Yekaterinburg is heavily industrialised and is one of the cities with the highest levels of air pollution in Russia.

In the UK, we support the Forest Carbon project because the creation of forests is also particularly important in the UK - not only for climate protection, but also because of numerous other benefits. Forests provide: flood protection, clean rivers and air and new habitat for flora and fauna.