Vitocal 222-A

Especially quiet, compact air/water heat pump for single-family homes

No problems, even in densely built-up townhouse complexes thanks to innovative Advanced Acoustic Design. With a noise pressure level of only 35 dB(A) at a distance of three meters (night mode), the new, compact Vitocal 222-A air/water heat pump from Viessmann is one of the quietest of its type. Thus it can even be installed right near the neighbor’s property without causing any problems.

Advanced Acoustic Design

Vitocal 222-A is constructed in monoblock design with the refrigerant cycle full integrated into the external unit. Water-filled pipes connect the external to the internal unit. Advanced Acoustic Design is what keeps it so quiet when running. This innovative concept for reducing noise harmonizes the frequency spectrum and features a targeted reduction in the sound power level of lower frequencies. This means that the noise it makes when running is effectively stifled by the surrounding building structures. Another major aid to optimizing the noise level are the fans with their fully variable speed control.

Convenient supply of hot water thanks to an integrated DHW cylinder

The compact internal unit not only contains the entire hydraulic system and the Vitotronic control, but also a 220-liter DHW cylinder. The newly developed inflow provides for highly efficient lamination allowing for a very convenient supply of hot water thanks to a tap volume of up to 290 liters at 40° C.

Low electricity costs thanks to high level of efficiency

The heat output of the heat pump ranges from 2.3 to 12 kilowatts (at an air temperature of 2° C and water at 35° C) and delivers flow temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius. A speed-controlled scroll compressor and an asymmetric heat exchanger with optimized duct cross-sections in the condenser enable a high COP (coefficient of performance) of up to 4.1 (air 2° C/water 35° C in accordance with EN 14511). This makes for low electricity consumption and accordingly low electricity costs. The new heat pump is therefore assigned to the highest ErP (energy-related products) efficiency category of A++.

Comfortable cooling function

The cooling function of the Vitocal 222-A provides a welcome additional benefit on hot summer days. That is when its cooling capacities from 4.0 to 13.2 kilowatts (at an air temperature of 35° C and a water temperature of 18° C) keep living spaces at a comfortable temperature, eliminating the need to invest in an additional air conditioning system.

Vitotronic 200 with a WLAN option

The heat pump control is simple and intuitive, with easy to understand cleartext announcements. If the heat pump is combined with a central home ventilation system such as the Vitovent 300-W or 300-F, both units can be controlled by the Vitotronic 200. The Vitoconnect internet interface (accessory) and the free ViCare app enable control by smartphone. What is more, the system can also be looked after by a specialist company using the Vitoguide software tool, as long as the homeowner consents.

Easy to install without a certificate of competence

The low-noise internal unit can also be installed near living spaces. Owing to its high level of preinstalled components and coordinated accessories, setting up the Vitocal 222-A is easy and takes little time. The external unit is already filled with refrigerant at the factory. Because the connecting pipes only bring hot water to the internal unit, a certificate of competence for refrigerants (“Kälteschein” or fluorinated gas certificate) is not required.

Advantages for trade partners

- No certificate of competence (“Kälteschein”) required for installation thanks to water-filled connecting pipes
- Easy integration of a module for a mixed heating circuit
- Low space requirement for installation
- Easy to service because all service-relevant components are easily accessible from the front
- Internal unit quick to install thanks to largely preinstalled components
- Long lifespan and robust operation thanks to high-quality components made in Germany

Advantages for users

- Especially quiet thanks to Advanced Acoustic Design (AAD)
- Heating and cooling with a single appliance thanks to reversible mode
- Convenient cooling function thanks to three cooling circuits
- Low operating costs thanks to high level of efficiency in heating and cooling mode
- Convenient supply of hot water thanks to 220-liter DHW
- Easy-to-use Vitotronic control with cleartext and graphic display
- Centralized operation of Vitovent 300-W and 300-F ventilation units with the Vitotronic 200 heat pump control
- Primed for optimized use of self-generated electricity from photovoltaic systems
- Web-enabled with free ViCare app and Vitoconnect (optional)

Technical data

- Heat output: 2.3 to 12.0 kW at A2/W35° C or 3.8 to 11.6 kW at A-7/W35° C
- Cooling capacity: 4.0 to 13.2 kW at A35/W18° C
- COP in accordance with EN 14511: up to 4.1 at A2/W35° C or up to 3.2 at A-7/W35° C
- EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio): up to 4.2 at A35/W18° C
- Flow temperature: up to 60° C
- Dimensions of internal unit (depth x width x height): 681 x 600 x 1874 mm
- Energy efficiency category: A+ (Type 04), A++ (Type 06-16)

Delivery data

The new, compact Vitocal 222-A air/water heat pump will be available starting in April 2018.

March 2018

Pictorial material


Especially quiet and can be installed without certificate of competence: Viessmann’s new Vitocal 222-A compact air/water heat pump in monoblock design.

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