Vitoconnect 100 and ViCare App

Smart heating control with intuitive tool

Easy plug-and-play installation, intuitive operation and low energy costs – the ViCare App offers homeowners a worry-free package for heating control. A system that is getting the best reviews from users.

The little box only measures ten by ten centimeters, but it is indispensable to bring a heating system into the Internet of Things and offer both the installer as well as the homeowner all the advantages of connectivity. The Vitoconnect 100 is simply connected to the heating by a cable. The system is ready to use within fifteen minutes and is compatible with both iPhones as well as Android smartphones. The information and data security of the modules has been certified by the German Association for Electrical, Electronic, and Information Technologies (Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik und Informationstechnik – VDE).

Nearly all Viessmann oil and gas boilers installed since 2004 can be connected to the Internet using Vitoconnect. The starting year for heat pumps is 2010, for heating systems with solid fuels 2016. This means that many systems already in place can be upgraded for remote control and maintenance.

Save energy, reduce costs

Thanks to various speed dials, such as “On the road” or “Very long warm”, and individually adjustable cycle times for each day, you can adjust the temperature for up to three heating circuits with just a few clicks using the ViCare App – to exactly suit your needs at the time. This means much lower heating costs yet at the same time more convenience in your own four walls.

Optimal support

Apart from letting you control the temperature, Vitoconnect 100 and the appropriate app also let you monitor whether the heating system is running properly. An explicit color coded display going from green to yellow to red lets you know at any time whether maintenance is needed or if there is any trouble with the system. If you wish, the ViCare App can directly contact the heating contractor.

Then the contractor, after getting one-time authorization from the customer, can use the Vitoguide Web application to identify any potential faults early on and have access to all important system data. In this way, many problems can be remedied right at the computer, which is another way to save time and expense. An additional advantage is that Viessmann guarantees all new heat generators connected by way of Vitoconnect a warranty extension from two to five years.

High level of customer satisfaction

A good year after the launch of the digital control and service tool, constantly increasing numbers of systems are still being connected to it. And user satisfaction is as high as ever. The Viessmann ViCare App has been given top grades of between four and five stars by more than five hundred persons in the Apple and Google app stores. Here are a few statements from users:

- “Actually all you need for remote control, and logically arranged, as well.”
- “A very good app, and I had no problem whatever installing it.”
- “Awesome app, works perfectly and without a glitch. It’s really fun to be able to change the heating when you’re away from home.”

A major expansion is planned for 2018 to provide new ways to control and monitor the heating system, as well as links to other applications.

Advantages for trade partners

- Can be used with new and existing heating systems
- Easy plug-and-play installation
- Contact data can be recorded
- Error analysis, determining the spare part needed and online ordering

Advantages for homeowners

- Convenient thanks to intuitive operation
- Save costs thanks to easy adjustment of the heating
- System status always in view
- Direct contact to specialist company if needed

March 2018

Pictorial material


Image 1

With the ViCare App, you can regulate the heating system easily even when you’re not at home.

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Image 2

The Vitoconnect 100 Box connects the heating system to the Internet.

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