WE ELECTRIFY – Electricity and heat become one.

●  New “energy systems from a single source” for the electrical trade
●  Electricity from renewable sources will become the most important energy source
●  Free yourself from rising energy costs by joining the ViShare Community
●  New in the comprehensive range of products: electric heating and DHW systems

Owing to the transition to renewable energy sources and the expansion of wind energy and photovoltaic systems, electricity is becoming a major fuel source in the heating market. Hence Viessmann is adding electric DHW systems and electric heating systems to its comprehensive range of products. This will give contractors all they need from a single source: efficient heat generators for all types of fuel sources, innovative fuel cell heating devices for generating electricity and heat at the same time, powerful photovoltaic and electricity storage systems, as well as the entire system technology.

Purely electric solutions for new buildings

New in the comprehensive range of products from this manufacturer of heating, industrial and refrigeration systems are purely electric systems for DHW generation and home heating. The modern Vitotherm flow heaters only use electricity when hot water is required, and can be set to within a single degree. With a five liter capacity, these compact cylinders can be installed under a table or worktop and supply hot water quickly in the kitchen or at the office. The new electric Vitoplanar heating systems can be used for a wide range of applications, both in new buildings as well as in existing buildings. For instance, Vitoplanar infrared heating can be used as a sensible supplement to a heat pump in new buildings. When it comes to modernization, replacing an outmoded night storage heater with modern, flat infrared heaters is an especially economical solution. What is more, the extremely flat Vitoplanar panel heaters provide a solution for electric floor heating.

Collaboration with an Austrian manufacturer

In order to be able to build up a portfolio of electric heating systems in a short time, Viessmann has entered into a collaboration with the Austrian manufacturer ETHERMA. Last year, the 85 employees of this family business generated tens of millions in sales. It is now producing its second generation of systems in Salzburg. “We are strengthening our PV+E Systems Division with this participation in the area of electric heating,” said Managing Director PV+E Systems Karlheinz Reitze. “Starting immediately, we can offer our customers the entire range of individual solutions for new buildings and modernization of existing buildings.”

Easy-to-install heat pumps without a proof of competence for refrigerants (“Kälteschein”)

The recently launched series of air/water heat pumps in monoblock design are setting new standards with their extremely quiet operating noise level and their sophisticated design. For instance, the noise pressure level at a distance of only three meters already falls to a mere 35 dB(A).

The advantage of these compact devices is that they can be installed without proof of competence for refrigerants (“Kälteschein”). Moreover, Viessmann’s overall competence also covers not only coordinated device components, but also related services for heating contractors.

More independence from having to purchase electric power

In the ViShare Energy Community, Viessmann enables households that produce and consume energy to team up with decentralized, CO2-neutral power stations. ViShare thereby allows for the exchange of electricity within the Community to keep the households’ electricity generation and consumption cost-neutral. But there is more: Additional decentralized and CO2-neutral energy sources meet the Community’s additional energy demand. Thus its members gain more independence from rising electricity prices and say good-bye altogether to fossil fuel energy sources.

Community members can always consume 100% of their self-generated electricity themselves. This allows for reliable planning of the investment and energy savings. Weather-dependent fluctuations are absorbed by a “sunshine guarantee.” And additional consumption of up to 20 percent is included in the monthly contribution.

New fuel cell heating device with a longer lifespan and longer maintenance intervals

High-efficiency technology with enhanced performance all around – the Vitovalor PT2 is the new fuel cell heating device for supplying electricity and heat to single- and two-family homes. It is now designed to last for at least 80,000 hours of operation, and the fuel cell only needs maintenance every five years. This is Viessmann’s way of taking the high level of reliability of the PEM fuel cell into consideration. Homeowners profit not only from the substantially longer service life of the devices, but also from lower servicing costs.

The KfW (German Development Bank) grants a subsidy of 9,300 euros for the installation of a Vitovalor PT2 fuel cell heating device. And if you also take advantage of the lump-sum compensation payment for CHP electricity in accordance with the German Combined Heat and Power Generation Act, you will receive another 1,800 euros, for a total of 11,100 euros.

If you are constructing a new building, you can profit even more by getting a low-interest loan from the KfW subsidy program “Energy Efficient Construction” (program number 153). The combination of a Vitovalor PT2 fuel cell heating device and a Vitocharge electricity storage system, together with a contract from VIESSMANN GRÜNGAS (comparable to the usual green electricity contracts), meets the requirements of the KfW 40 Plus standard. This gives the builder an attractive repayment bonus of up to 15,000 euros per residential unit in addition to the loan.

Electricity storage system with a long lifespan and high number of cycles

High electricity prices and low feed-in compensation make it attractive to use low-cost electricity from a photovoltaic system or a fuel cell heating device in your own home. The Vitocharge electricity storage system stores electricity from these energy systems that is not currently needed so it can be used later. This makes the homeowner largely independent of the public power grid and increases the use and profitability of self-generated electricity.

The new Vitocharge is constructed in modules and is available as an all-round electricity storage system and an electricity storage system for the long-term supply of electrical consumers. It can accommodate up to four battery modules with a useable storage capacity of 3.87 kilowatt-hours each and is designed for a long lifespan of up to 20 years and a high number of cycles.

Vitogate 200: integrating heating systems into Smart Home and home automation systems

With the Vitogate 200 assisted KNX data interface, Viessmann is presenting a flexible, smart data interface for the integration of Viessmann heating systems into home automation. Then the energy system can be remote controlled with a Vitotronic control using a centralized touch display. The heating system connected through Vitogate 200 can be visualized and operated like other devices in the home. The current operating mode of the heating system can be seen at a glance. In addition, function expansions can also be displayed, such as a solar thermal system.

April 2018

Pictorial material


Image 1

New to the Viessmann complete range are purely electrical systems for domestic hot water and domestic heating. The picture shows the Vitotherm EI2 comfort instantaneous water heater and the Vitoplanar EI2 infrared heater as a bath mirror.

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Image 2

The Vitocal 200-A air/water heat pump is part of the new Viessmann heat pump family and can be installed without a "cold certificate".

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Image 3

Vitovalor PT2 is the new fuel cell heater for supplying electricity and heat to detached and semi-detached houses.

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