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Partnership with specialist installers – from initial contact to planning and installation up to operation

The rapid advance of digitalization is making profound changes to the very fabric of society and the economy. Customers are increasingly mobile, constantly on the Internet, and liberally sharing their views. Products are being supplemented by Web-based digital services. Furthermore, digitalization is an essential factor in the success of the energy transition. Viessmann recognized the potential of digitalization early on and is offering specialist installers a comprehensive program of digital products and services.

1. Presence on the Web: turns interested parties into customers of specialist companies

Eighty percent of all purchasers of heating systems today get their information online. The Internet platform provides competent, neutral information and makes contact with the nearest specialist partner on request. This Web presence offers easily understandable articles, videos, and graphics related to heating, subsidies, and financing, gives advice, and presents solutions to all questions about new heating systems.

The fastest way to the nearest specialist partners

Looking for individual advice or an offer for a new heating system? Visitors to can easily search for a nearby specialist company or send a contact request. All they need to do is enter their postal code and a list of the nearest specialist companies will immediately be available to them – with the opportunity to request consultation from a specialist company with a simple click of the mouse. The contact data of the interested parties are forwarded by Viessmann directly to a suitable specialist partner in the customer’s vicinity, so that the consultation can take place promptly.

2. Automated offer: Customers receive offers within five minutes

Many purchasers of heating systems expect to get an offer within a very short time. As a rule, they visit the website of a specialist company immediately after searching the Web. There, customers usually expect to be able to request a specific offer and get a prompt response. With its heating calculator, Viessmann enables its trade partners to have offers generated automatically on their own websites.

Heating calculator gives a boost to sales

Using the heating calculator integrated into their own websites, specialist heating companies are able to generate finished ad-hoc offers for their customers automatically, based on the data entered by the interested party and taking account of the specific specialist company’s costing. The result is a non-binding offer from the heating contractor, which is e-mailed immediately to the interested party. The costing can be changed at any time. The non-binding offer does not become binding until after individual consultation with the heating contractor.

3. Planning and installation: Online tools to facilitate ordering and system planning

These online tools are useful helpers that heating contractors can bring right into their office or onto a construction site.

Configure individual packages online

In the future, it will be possible to put together tailored packages online for individual applications. These packages are always technically inspected to ensure that all components exactly match up.

Schematic browser – system diagrams for downloading

There is a great deal of information available – always up to date and suitable for every application: hydraulic diagrams, wiring diagrams, parts lists, function descriptions, and all necessary codes.

ViBooks – centralized document search

ViBooks is the centralized document search with more than 20,000 documents. This database contains instructions for planning, installation, and service; price lists, printed matter for marketing, Vitoset documents, and much more.

4. Service with added value: Vitoguide keeps an eye on all customer systems

Three-fourths of all homeowners would like to have someone take care of their heating system. The Vitoguide digital service center for monitoring heating systems online lets every specialist partner keep an eye on the systems they are looking after at all times. This gives homeowners a much greater sense of security about their heating systems.

Growing customer loyalty

Thanks to Vitoguide, malfunctions can be identified early on, even before they are reported by the customer. What is more, settings like the heating curve of a boiler, for instance, can be con‧veniently optimized using a computer, eliminating the need to spend time driving to the site. This is of particular interest during the period just after a new heat generator has been installed. This is just one of the many Vitoguide features that enable heating contractors to demonstrate their competence and, not least, profit from growing customer loyalty.

Graduated service offers

Vitoguide lets all specialist partners profit from graduated service offers they can buy in addition and also easily integrate into the maintenance and service contracts they already have. The basic offer is free of charge. This includes the activation of the system by way of the Vitoconnect Internet interface, as well as access to the operating data. Each specialist partner draws up their own agreements with customers. Depending on how this is done, they specify how their additional services are put to account.

New and old units can be connected

In order to make use of Vitoguide, a heating system has to be connected to the Vitoconnect Internet interface. Nearly all Viessmann boilers with an Optolink interface can connect with the Vitoconnect interface – not only new units, but any units manufactured after 2004.

5. Good connection to customers: Vitoguide 2.0 enables an expanded service offer

Version 2.0 of this software tool features new functions. “We can analyze data from system monitoring and use the results to the benefit of heating contractors and their customers,” explains Carsten Kuhlmann, Product Sales Manager.

Heating analysis with operating report

Vitoguide provides information on a system’s efficiency in the past year. This can be used to infer what sort of optimization work is needed to lower energy costs. “In addition, we can use it to predict when a possible malfunction might occur,” says Kuhlmann.

Operating log for error detection

The operating log shows whether settings have been changed. The backup function enables the original state to be restored quickly from your desk. This avoids wasted time spent driving to the site.

Operating data provide arguments for modernization

The analysis of operating data provides important insights. If the homeowner’s lifestyle should change, it might be possible to detect a shift from room heating to DHW generation, for instance, which could be a reason to add a solar thermal system.

The operating data can also make it easier to give solid reasons for a new heat generator. This could then lead to a recommendation for a wood-fired boiler or a heat pump, for example.

April 2018

Pictorial material


Image 1 provides end customers and users with competent information on all questions related to heating and establishes contact to the nearest Viessmann trade partner quickly and without any complications.

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Image 2

The schematic browser from Viessmann gives specialized partners direct access to more than 300 system configurations.

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Image 3

The operating history in the Viessmann Vitoguide lets you know right away whether settings have been changed on the boiler.

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