Snuk, a successful building IoT startup opening up new areas of business

  • Spin-off of Viessmann company builder WATTx successful on the market
  • New investor BEWATEC opening up access to health sector
  • Hospital operators and patients profit from improved infrastructure

Berlin, April 19, 2018 – Snuk, one of the first spin-offs of WATTx, the company builder of the Viessmann Group, has gained a new investor in BEWATEC. In the wake of the new connections between the two companies, the platform for IoT communication is now also being used in the hospital environment.

IoT infrastructure platform for more convenience and more efficient facility management

Snuk’s goal is to create the IoT infrastructure platform of the future. A variety of systems and applications – even from different providers – can be smoothly linked in the same building complex by infrastructure that is constructed individually in each case. This perceptibly optimizes facility management and distinctly heightens transparency for the operator.

After successfully implementing pilot projects in large office and factory buildings, Snuk is taking the next step by collaborating with BEWATEC, considered the market leader in point-of-care communication for hospitals and clinics. It was also the first company to integrate point-of-care processes into modern patient entertainment solutions. Snuk’s solutions so far have included intelligent energy management through the integration of ultramodern sensors for light and heating control, among others. BEWATEC and Snuk now want to generate synergies and in particular offer long-established hospital structures an easy way to save substantially on energy.

With this project, WATTx is demonstrating how a committed team and the right organizational framework can enable successful collaboration between company builders as well as innovative and forward-thinking companies.

About WATTx

WATTx is a company builder that concentrates on shaping new, fast-growing industries. WATTx creates deep tech products and companies that take a user-centered approach to solving industrial problems. The team conducts targeted research and crafts solutions that are used from the concept to the prototype up to the launch. Regardless of whether it is a new product, a service, an entire department or a completely independent venture, WATTx helps industrial enterprises on their way to the future. You will find more information at


BEWATEC Kommunikationstechnik GmbH was founded in Telgte by Philipp Schmelter in 1995 as a specialist company for ultramodern entertainment at the patient’s bedside. Today, we stand for integral, complete solutions for hospital communication in which hardware and software work together in perfect unity – from patient multimedia terminals to patient services up to IP infrastructure. You will find more information at



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