Environment protection in Berlin: older generation leads the way

  • Recent survey by Viessmann shows current status of Berlin energy management
  • Standby mode, heating at full blast at night and only little smart technology
  • Surprising result: while the younger ones wish for a lot but don’t act, the older generation is significantly more active

Berlin, May 16th, 2018 ⎯ Start-up hub and “electric capital”? When it comes to saving energy, Berlin drives with its brakes on. This is shown by a representative forsa survey carried out by Viessmann in the run-up to the Formula E race on May 19th in Berlin. The results at a glance:

Berlin energy sins: younger ones act less environmentally conscious

Always on: More than one in two Berliners (56 percent) run their electrical appliances in standby mode and waste electricity unnecessarily. In addition, almost every second resident of the capital (47 percent) leaves the heating on at night. A view of the different age groups comes as an additional surprise: according to the survey, the younger ones are much less energy conscious than the older ones. While almost two-thirds (64 percent) of 18- to 29-year-olds run their electrical appliances in standby mode, it’s only 46 percent of the over-60s. The same applies for the efficient use of heating: 65 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds even leave them on at night in winter, compared to 39 percent of those over 60.

Contribution to environmental protection: garbage separation yes, smart technology no

When it comes to getting active, most Berliners rely on the “classics”: waste separation and energy-saving lamps. 87 percent of the participants sort residual, plastic and organic waste in the provided bins. Three quarters of Berlin residents (75 percent) use energy-saving lamps throughout the apartment, 40 percent buy green electricity. On the other hand, intelligent technology that helps to save energy, such as app control or modern thermostats, is only implemented in a few households: just 20 percent of the respondents rely on it. “We have to shift up a gear when using smart energy-saving technology ⎯ especially in the start-up capital Berlin,” says Max Viessmann, Co-CEO of Viessmann. “Efficient, digital solutions are already available. But we also have to use them, for example, to provide heat efficiently and on demand.”

Great wishes for the future – intelligent technology and own electricity

Even though people in Berlin have so far been less smart in terms of environmental protection, they have great wishes for the future: two-thirds (66 percent) would like to install intelligent technology at home to save energy. More than one in two (56 percent) would like to produce electricity or heat in their own home. Four out of ten residents (40 percent) would like to engage more in environmental protection and sustainability in the city in their spare time. “Everyone can contribute to climate protection. But we have to get out of the theory and finally tackle it. We all are obliged to take more responsibility for the future,” says Max Viessmann.

High-speed energy efficiency ⎯ The Formula E in Berlin on May 19th

How efficient energy use works in practice, visitors can experience on the Tempelhofer field on May 19th, 2018. Then, the Formula E is guest in the capital. Viessmann has been partner of the Panasonic Jaguar Racing Team since 2017, supporting the new generation of motorsports. The racing event for the entire family offers numerous highlights: ex-Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg returns to the cockpit and drives a few laps in the brand new electric racing car “GEN2”. On a mini race track next to the circuit, junior pilots have the opportunity to set their own best times. In the Viessmann generation truck, they can develop their ideas for living the future. Visitors will also experience the living spaces of the future here. This includes heating which generates electricity (viessmann.de/e_vitovalor) or the startup Cary Services (takecary.de). The Smart-Lock system provides a controlled access to the home to cleaning and delivery services.

For more information about Formula E, see formulae.viessmann.de.




Make your dreams come true: Vitovalor PT2 from Viessmann is a heating system that also generates electricity. The efficient fuel cell also gives homeowners the opportunity to make their contribution to environmental protection.

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Get out of the theory - and take on joint responsibility: Max Viessmann, Co-CEO of Viessmann, together with about 12,000 employees worldwide, develops intelligent energy-saving solutions for the living of the future.

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