Vitovalor – The premium heating system that produces warmth and electricity

Free yourself from rising electric bills with an innovative fuel cell heating device

Vitovalor enables homeowners to generate electricity while they heat their homes and substantially lower their energy costs. At the same time, they are less tied to the power supply company and the rising price of electricity. Moreover, the fuel-cell can reduce the CO2 for up to 50%, enabling the owners of 1- and 2-family houses to protect the climate. Vitovalor electricity-generating heating system from Viessmann is bringing climate-friendly, energy-saving fuel cell technology to single- and two-family homes.

Save up to 700 euros per year and reduce CO2 by 50 percent

A fuel cell produces up to eighteen kilowatt-hours of electricity per day – enough to cover the greater portion of the amount needed by a family of four. Almost as a kind of byproduct, this generates heat that is then used for room heating and generation of domestic hot water (DHW). Using the electricity produced by the system itself in this way lowers the cost of procuring electric power from the grid. Compared to buying mains power and heating rooms with a boiler as usual, this can lower the energy expenses of a household by up to forty percent and reduce CO2 emissions by around half.

Electricity that is not needed right away can simply be stored in a Vitocharge electricity storage system to be used at a later time, or even fed into the public grid to earn additional money. In this way, Vitovalor in a new building, for instance, can save up to 700 euros on energy costs per year.

Up to 11.100 euros subsidies and Viessmann support to application process

Builders who purchase the highly efficient Vitovalor fuel cell heating device can also get an attractive financial subsidy. The German Development Bank (KfW) will give them 9,300 euros for installing one. Anyone who also obtains the one-off payment in accordance with the German Combined Heat and Power Generation Act (Kraft-Wärme-Kopplungsgesetz – KWKG) for electricity from cogeneration, can get an additional 1,800 euros – making a total of 11,100 euros altogether. Viessmann offers the customers a support in applying for the state subsidy.

Detailed information on state funding and on Vitovalor can be found at:

Tried and tested – installed more than 100,000 times

As with all of Viessmann’s innovations, reliability and a long lifespan are also given top priority in fuel cell heating devices. The fuel cell comes from Panasonic, one of the world's leading suppliers of fuel cell technology, and has already been installed more than 100,000 times in Japan. Viessmann has integrated this fuel cell into a perfectly coordinated heating system with a gas condensing boiler to cover heat demand peaks, a DHW cylinder and a control. This highly efficient device has been granted the A++ label denoting the highest efficiency classification and can run for up to twenty years with fuel cell maintenance required only every five years.

Easy to operate with a smartphone

With a WLAN interface as a standard feature, Vitovalor is all ready for remote control by smartphone. This enables the user, for example, to check how much electricity his system produces at any time, even while on the move. As a special service, the system can also be monitored online by a specialist heating company. This heating system specialist can always keep an eye on the device, thereby identifying any need for maintenance or repair early on and taking preventive steps. This enables the system to run safely, reliably and with the highest level of efficiency.

Lower building costs with Vitovalor and VIESSMANN GRÜNGAS

Anyone who builds a new building and also takes advantage of the KfW “Energieeffizient Bauen” (“Energy-Efficient Construction”) subsidy program (program number 153), can benefit even more. Combining a Vitovalor fuel cell heating device and a Vitocharge electricity storage system with a contract for VIESSMANN GRÜNGAS (comparable to the usual green electricity contracts) for instance, makes the builder eligible for the KfW 40 Plus standard. This means an attractive repayment grant of up to 15,000 euros per residential unit on their loan.

Detailed information on VIESSMANN GRÜNGAS certificates can be found on the internet at:



The Vitovalor fuel cell heating device from Viessmann enables homeowners to generate their own electricity while heating their homes, lower their energy costs by up to forty.

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Builders who purchase a highly efficient Vitovalor fuel cell heating device get an attractive financial subsidy of up to 11,100 euros.

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The fuel cell in the Viessmann Vitovalor produces up to eighteen kilowatt-hours of electricity per day – enough to cover the greater portion of the amount needed by a family of four, and reducing their dependence on the public grid, as well.

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