Into a new century: With the extension of the organization, Viessmann lines up substantially for the future

• “Viessmann Energy Solutions” pushes forward energy transition and digitalization
• New operative unit “VC/O” develops new business

Allendorf (Eder), June 1st – The Viessmann Group has started successfully into its centenary year: The positive development of the business helps the company to take advantage of the opportunities offered by energy transition and digitalization. Digitalization in particular makes it possible to successfully develop the existing business as well as to develop new business and new business models.

This spirit of optimism assists the company to exploit the opportunities pertaining to the energy transition and the digitalization. Above all, it is the digitalization that enables the successful development of the existing business while at the same time building new business and business models.

Effective June 1st, 2017, Viessmann for this reason forms two organizational units under its roof. Core business with the existing three divisions is going to be consolidated in “Viessmann Energy Solutions” and will successfully continue to be transformed digitally. Aiming at building new business and business models, the Group will be expanded by a new operative unit with the name “VC/O”. Next to the Viessmann abbreviation "V", “C/O” stands for “taking care of”, thus picking up the new unit’s vision “We take care of people’s everyday needs.” In doing so, Viessmann by increased innovation and acquisition taps into new business areas, which will significantly contribute to turnover and revenue in the future. Focus is going to be on customer-centric solutions for everyday life. From the beginning, VC/O has a strong “digital core”.

The Viessmann Group with both units will continue to be managed by the executive board with Prof. Dr. Martin Viessmann as president. Operative responsibility will be carried by two CEOs: Joachim Janssen continues to manage the core business, that is “Viessmann Energy Solutions”, as CEO. Maximilian Viessmann is going to be CEO of the new operative unit “VC/O”, which is active on the market independently. Thus, he carries entrepreneurial responsibility for the development of new business areas.

Duties of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) within Viessmann Energy Solutions will be taken on by Dr. Markus Pfuhl; he will be member of the executive board at the same time. Further members of the board are Klaus Gantner and Dr. Ullrich Hüllmann. The extended management group of the executive council consists of the three division CEOs Dr. Klaus-Peter Kegel, Dr. Tino Weber and Dr. Frank Schmidt. Newly appointed to the council is Dr. Florian Resatsch. As COO, he will develop the operative business of VC/O together with Maximilian Viessmann. In addition, he will take on responsibility for the group’s brand management, that is the profiling of the Viessmann brand.

By extending its organisation, Viessmann lines up for the future in a focused manner. Most importantly, the enormous opportunities of the digitalization can be consistently exploited both in the core business and in new business areas. At the same time, Maximilian Viessmann's takeover of the CEO position introduces the fourth generation into the operative business.

„This new alignment with the Viessmann Group as a holding company with a strong management and the two operating units Viessmann Energy Solutions and VC/O means that we are ideally equipped for the future," says Prof. Viessmann.

Viessmann Energy Solutions:

Viessmann Energy Solutions will continue to focus on the so-called "Energy Tech" area. The three divisions – Heating Systems, Industrial Systems and Refrigeration Systems – are developing customer-centric solutions to work together with their market partners and to tap into the enormous potential offered by both the energy transition and the digitalization.


The main focus of VC/O is on the development of new business: The opening up of growth in new business areas will primarily take place in an inorganic manner, that is through acquisitions. VC/O invests in established digital business and via Vito Ventures ( in startups – WATTx ( is, as before, the company builder.
VC/O will focus on the areas of "Prop Tech" and "Deep Tech" where Viessmann sees great potential for the future. Prop(erty) Tech stands for digital solutions in the building sector, for instance smart home applications. Deep Tech includes topics such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, or the internet of things. In both areas, Viessmann has already made first, very promising investments. These include, Wirepas or


With the extension of the organization, Viessmann lines up substantially for the future: Maximilian Viessmann, Prof. Dr. Martin Viessmann and Joachim Janssen (left to right).

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