The Viessmann Group

The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of heating, industrial and refrigeration systems. Founded in 1917, this family business has 12,100 employees and 2.37 billion euros in group sales.

Viessmann has 23 production companies in twelve countries, sales companies and agencies in 74 countries, and 120 sales offices worldwide, demonstrating that its orientation is very international. Foreign countries account for 55 percent of sales.

Sustainability put into practice

Because it is a family business, Viessmann places particular value on acting in a responsible way for the long term; hence sustainability is firmly anchored in its corporate values. For Viessmann, putting sustainability into practice means bringing economics, ecology and social responsibility into harmony throughout the entire company so that today’s needs can be met without harming the means of livelihood of future generations.

Seeing challenges as opportunities

Viessmann has always seen challenges as opportunities and developed innovative solutions to deal with them. Thus the company has for decades been serving the function of an environmental pioneer and technological pacemaker by supplying oil- and gas-fired, energy-efficient heating systems that are especially low in emissions, as well as solar thermal systems, wood combustion systems and heat pumps. Many of Viessmann’s developments are considered milestones of engineering.

The energy transition and digitalization

The transition to renewable energy and digitalization process taking place today offer particularly impressive opportunities. Here, too, Viessmann has pioneering technologies on offer. For instance, all heat generators can be connected to the internet, and systems running on electricity, such as heat pumps, are ready to operate in intelligent electricity networks (smart grids). Innovative, integral energy systems for electric power and heat are making a major contribution to the success of the energy transition.

Viessmann is advancing digitalization at three levels: 

1. By encouraging a future-oriented, entrepreneurial culture and digitizing all essential internal processes.
2. By developing digital products and business models closely linked to its core business.
3. And finally, by investing in new digitally-driven areas of business within the scope of diversification.

Comprehensive range of products and service

Viessmann offers individualized solutions featuring efficient systems and outputs from 1 to 120,000 kilowatts for all areas of application and all fuel sources. The Heating Systems Division of the Viessmann Group supplies heating technology produced in series. Customer-specific systems for use in industrial application and municipal power station construction are developed by the Industrial Systems Division. The product range also includes condensing boilers and systems for generating both heat and power, such as combined heat and power generation units and fuel cell heating systems.

In addition, Viessmann has a comprehensive range of renewable energy systems: 

- solar thermal systems,
- biomass boilers for logs, woodchips and wood pellets,
- ice storage systems,
- heat pumps to utilize geothermal heat, heat from the groundwater or from the surrounding air, and
- photovoltaic systems.

Viessmann’s Industrial Systems Division also has everything needed on offer from a single source for local heating networks and bioenergy villages – from the initial feasibility studies and detailed engineering to supplying all the necessary components, such as heat generators, combined heat and power generation units, geothermal piping and residential transfer stations, up to construction and commissioning.

The Viessmann Group’s Refrigeration Systems Division has a comprehensive range of products on offer to cover the entire area of refrigeration engineering, with temperature-controlled rooms, efficient refrigeration cells and units, refrigeration solutions for the food retail industry, as well as accessories and services.

Full-range service

What is more, Viessmann keeps services on hand that are tailored exactly to its customers’ needs. This enables the company not only to make a wide range of digital products available to its trade partners, but also to support them with digital services in enhancing their interaction with end consumers through digital channels and tools, and in expanding their service across the entire value added chain – from initial contact to preparing an order and planning a system, from monitoring up to modernizing a heating system.

For the fourteenth time in a row: “Professional Trade Partner No. 1”

That customers appreciate all this is demonstrated by Viessmann being voted “Professional Trade Partner No. 1” for the fourteenth time in a row. Several thousand German heating system contractors had previously taken part in a biennial survey conducted by the industry journal “markt intern” in the run-up to the world’s leading trade fair, the ISH. This survey assesses the manufacturers’ performance in various product and service categories. Thanks to a total of three first places and one third place, the overall winner was once again Viessmann.

June 2018

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Image 1

Viessmann headquarters in Allendorf (Eder).

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Image 2

Test bed of a production line for wall-mounted gas units at headquarters in Allendorf (Eder).

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Viessmann not only offers its customers full-range service and a comprehensive range of innovative products in top quality, but also the added value of a strong brand.

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