Oil fired condensing boilers

The oil condensing heating system – efficient, futureproof technology

Highly-efficient oil condensing technology improved further – new types of Vitoladens 300-W, Vitoladens 333-F and Vitosolar 300-F

Our easy-to-service oil boilers are characterized by an effective and reliable utilization of condensing technology. This is achieved by means of the Innox-Radial stainless steel heat exchanger – always guaranteeing high energy efficiency.

To further improve the tried and trusted advantages of the Viessmann oil condensing boilers, the following products have been developed further:

  • Vitoladens 300-W, type VP3C and J3HA
  • Vitoladens 300-W for Vitosolar 300-F, type J3HA
  • Vitoladens 333-F, type VP3U and type J3SA

Here, the openings of the Inox-Radial heat exchangers have, towards the burner door, been equipped with a continuous, highly heat-resistant seal over 1.5 coils. This leads to less heating of the burner door and faster cooling-off in case of service.

When using a condensing boiler to convert fuel oil into heat, you can make an active contribution towards protecting the climate and the environment, thanks to the boiler‘s unbeatably high efficiency of 98 % (Hs)/104 % (Hi)

Our oil condensing boilers come with the future built in. They are already set up to change from using fossil oil to fuel oil with a proportion of bio-oil. This way, we will meet the many demands for heating technologies across the whole product range that protect our resources. 

You can even use free solar energy with your new heating system! All boilers are designed for combination with Viessmann solar technology. Viessmann system technology guarantees that everything will fit together beautifully and work in harmony, giving you convenient control that meets all your needs.

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