Oil fired condensing boilers

The oil condensing heating system – efficient, futureproof technology

Highly-efficient oil condensing technology improved further – new types of Vitoladens 300-W, Vitoladens 333-F and Vitosolar 300-F

Our easy-to-service oil boilers are characterized by an effective and reliable utilization of condensing technology. This is achieved by means of the Innox-Radial stainless steel heat exchanger – always guaranteeing high energy efficiency.

To further improve the tried and trusted advantages of the Viessmann oil condensing boilers, the following products have been developed further:

  • Vitoladens 300-W, type VP3C and J3HA
  • Vitoladens 300-W for Vitosolar 300-F, type J3HA
  • Vitoladens 333-F, type VP3U and type J3SA

Here, the openings of the Inox-Radial heat exchangers have, towards the burner door, been equipped with a continuous, highly heat-resistant seal over 1.5 coils. This leads to less heating of the burner door and faster cooling-off in case of service.