Allendorf (Eder) Commercial Airfield

The Allendorf (Eder) commercial airfield was built in 1966, and thoroughly modernised and expanded in 2005. Today the airfield meets all the requirements of a modern business airport. It also serves as a home base for the Ederbergland Aviation Club.



The runway is 1240 metres long and 30 metres wide.

Instrument approach

The Allendorf commercial airfield features a GPS-supported approach system enabling pilots to land with instrument approach procedures even in poor visibility. A modern approach light system (PAPI) aids both instrument and visual approach.

Vaisala AviMet weather system

The airfield moreover has an automatic system for measuring and recording weather data, which are updated around the clock and available by radio (ATIS), phone and internet.

Business flights

The airport as a competitive factor

Business flights have always played a key role for Viessmann, and are today more important than ever. On the one hand the company has become increasingly international in recent years: exports account for 55 percent of its turnover. On the other hand the commercial airfield compensates for the region's inadequate long-distance transport connections.

Business flights
Corporate jet Cessna Citation XLS+

Customers visit Allendorf

Around a third of all flights are commercial. The majority of these flights serve to quickly bring customers from across Europe to the Viessmann Group head office. These visits provide an opportunity for them to gain a comprehensive impression of the company whose products they use every day, and to find out more about the strategic sustainability project Viessmann has implemented at its Allendorf (Eder) site.

Ederbergland Aviation Club

The joy of engine-powered flight with a Piper Archer III

Advanced range of aircraft

The Allendorf commercial airfield with its excellent flight conditions and attractive surroundings is the home base of the Luftsportverein Ederbergland e. V. (aviation club).

The club's over 300 members have access to a pool of advanced aircraft: from a self-launching ASK 21 glider through a high-performance LS 8 glider to single-engine microlight aircraft, power gliders and aeroplanes, the club's fleet covers the full range of modern leisure aircraft.

Focus on training and youth outreach

Flight instructors continuously train the club's younger members on aeroplanes, power gliders, gliders and microlight aircraft. The Ederbergland Aviation Club has trained over 900 private pilots to date, many of whom have achieved significant sporting success both at the regional level in Hesse and in German, European and even worldwide competitions.

Wide range of club activities

Alongside aeronautical activities, social events are a frequent fixture in the club's calendar. The club's activities centre on the Bistro Tri-Sixty, which serves coffee, cakes and snacks to aviators and their guests.

The commercial airfield offers an attractive environment and optimal conditions

Aircraft maintenance ACG Air-Craft GmbH

Also located at the airfield is ACG Air-Craft GmbH, a maintenance and service company for EASA and US registered aircraft up to 5.7 tons. The company offers services such as CAMO, worldwide pre-purchase inspections, aircraft purchasing advice and brokerage.


Gastronomy  – Accommodation and fine dining

Hotel Die Sonne Frankenberg in the heart of Frankenberg's old town

Hotel Die Sonne Frankenberg in the heart of Frankenberg's old town

Hotel Die Sonne Frankenberg is an ideal base for longer stays in the region, offering individually furnished rooms and suites, a wide range of culinary delights, and modern meeting and conference rooms.

Landgut Walkemühle

Visitors of all ages will enjoy an excursion to Landgut Walkemühle, an estate just outside Frankenberg.

Landgut Walkemühle
Gasthaus Alt Battenberg

Gasthaus Alt Battenberg

In nearby Battenberg, the restaurant Gasthaus Alt Battenberg is housed in the historic buildings of an old manor and coaching inn.

Airport operator

Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co. KG
Tel.: +49 (0) 6452 1227
Fax: +49 (0) 6452 7588