Commitment to environmental protection

As a family-owned company in the third generation and a leading international manufacturer of heating technology, we are not only committed to our social responsibilities, but also the responsibility to secure an adequate livelihood for our future generations. An essential part of our corporate philosophy, in the sense of sustainable action, is valued upon the continuous improvements of our products technology and environmental measures.

Energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly products

We attribute the utmost importance to the topic of sustainability; especially in the development of our products. During the initial construction, great care is taken to ensure that raw materials are used efficiently and effectively in a way that conserves our resources. During operation, the heat generators are characterized by high thermal efficiency and long service life. At the end of their technical service life, Viessmann products are professionally recycled and valuable raw materials are returned to the production cycle.

Illustration: The low-pollutant MatriX radiant burner was awarded the European Environmental Prize for Industry `94 by the European Union.
The low-pollutant MatriX radiant burner was awarded the European Environmental Prize for Industry `94 by the European Union
Certification according to the European Eco-Audit Regulation (EMAS)

Establishing Environmental Management for a long time

For decades we have been implementing the concept of integrated environmental protection along the entire value chain. Process and product integrated environmental protection carries the greatest priority to ensure that environmental accidents are assessed and repaired before they have a chance to happen.

An environmental management system that has been in place for many years organizes and monitors the implementation of environmental policy. Derived from environmental policies, the objectives of providing good environmental management are constantly monitored to guarantee proper environmental performance within the company. In 1995, Viessmann was the first company in the heating technology sector and the second in Germany to be certified in accordance with the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) at its site in Allendorf.

Environmental statement

Environmental policy

Viessmann brand values form the basis of the environmental policy. The Board of Directors of the Viessmann Group have issued the following instructions for all employees:

Continuous improvement of environmental performance

Assuming compliance with all legal regulations, we strive to continuously improve our environmental performance.

In order to achieve continuous improvement in environmental performance, we use the best available technology while assessing economic viability.


To be successful in our environmental policies, the participation of all employees are necessary. For this reason, employees in all divisions are comprehensively informed, trained and integrated into the environmental protection concept.

Environmental effects

To avoid environmental pollution, an environmental impact assessment is utilized for new products, activities and operations far in advance of actual implementation. The effects on the environment are regularly assessed and, wherever possible, reduced to a minimum.

Raw materials are used sparingly to produce a final product that is made with the least amount of energy needed. Unavoidable emissions and waste are reduced to a minimum wherever economically viable.


Efforts to continuously improve environmental performance are equally related to planning, administrative activities and the provision of services.


Appropriate preventive measures are taken to avoid operational disruptions and to keep their environmental impact as low as possible.

Check up

Compliance with environmental policy is regularly monitored and evaluated through contractual partners and customers. Contractual partners must apply the same environmental standards with their own employees. Our customers are trained on environmental aspects in connection with the handling of our products.


A regular conversation is held with the public on the activities and environmental impact of the company.

Solvent-free powder coating

ISO 14001

The topics of energy efficiency, resource conservation and sustainable management are becoming increasingly important. Management systems according to internationally defined standards make an important contribution here. As the compliance with internal and external specifications and regulations are checked within the framework of regular audits, optimization potentials are evaluated and implemented.

The standardized environmental management system that is in accordance with the internationally valid ISO 14001 standard is introduced throughout the Viessmann Group. Below you find the certificates of the certified companies within the Viessmann Group.

Illustration: Solvent-free powder coating

Information as per REACH regulation

The EU regulation REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulates the obligations of producers when placing substances, mixtures and products on the market. In addition to data acquisition and registration of substances, these include the transfer of information along the supply chain.

Special obligations apply when products are placed on the market that contain "Substances of Very High Concern" (SVHC). These are substances which, due to their hazardous properties, may be subject to authorisation after further examination by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and are included on the so-called "candidate list" (= candidate for the list of substances subject to authorisation according to Annex XIV of the REACH Regulation).

According to the information available from our suppliers, Viessmann products may contain the following SVHC:



Application, products

Aluminosilicate Refractory Ceramic Fibres - High-temperature insulation (cords, mats, plates, moulded parts
Lead 7439-92-1 Modules/components with lead as alloy component together
with copper (brass), iron, aluminium

Our products do not pose any hazards unusual to the product when used as intended, taking into account the safety instructions in the product information and implementing the usual hygiene measures (wearing personal protective equipment, washing hands, etc.).