Viessmann presents Energy Community, electricity flat rate, and storage battery

New PV+E Systems division at the Intersolar Europe, the world’s leading trade fair / more than 40,000 visitors expected

Munich/Allendorf (Eder), May 31, 2017. Viessmann is presenting reliable, efficient energy systems for generating your own power and heat, as well as for storage and intelligent consumption, from a single source at the world’s leading trade fair, the Intersolar Europe (Hall A3.280) from May 31 to June 2, 2017.

“Several system solutions controlled by a centralized energy management system will be on display at the 200 square-meter stand,” said Karlheinz Reitze, the Managing Director at the helm of Viessmann’s new PV+E Systems division. “These perfectly matched components, such as the new Viessmann storage battery, are complemented by energy services. The Viessmann Energy Community with its electricity flat rate for end consumers is having its premiere.”

Three key advantages for end consumers

The Energy Community offers its customers three key advantages:
- You can use 100 percent of your self-generated power yourself with the private electricity account,
- You can become 100 percent independent by procuring electricity from the Community, and
- You can make use of 100 percent green electricity and green heat – and thereby obtain your supply from entirely renewable energy sources.

And this is how the Community works: it networks renewable energy generators of various sizes and takes over the intelligent control of generation and consumption. Thus, the Viessmann Energy Community is not a virtual construct, but rather uses smart technologies to create an energy management system that is guaranteed to offer advantages and independence to all its members.

Storage battery with long lifespan and high number of cycles

The most important new product at the Intersolar Europe is Viessmann’s storage battery with Li-ion cells, a capacity of up to 12.6 kWh (nominal), a long lifespan of up to twenty years, and a high number of cycles. This modular storage battery is an ideal addition to photovoltaic systems, letting you store electricity and use it later, for instance, to run heat pumps. It can also be combined with the electricity-generating Vitovalor 300-P heating system based on fuel cell technology.

ThermProtect: automatic overheating protection for flat-plate and tube collectors

What is more, the “switching collector” is also on display. This Viessmann innovation is the first of its kind in the world. Thanks to the special “ThermProtect” coating, it reliably protects flat-plate and tube collectors from overheating. The two vacuum tube collectors on display, the Vitosol 300 TM and 200 TM, can also be installed regardless of position – even horizontally.

New, generation of quiet-running heat pumps

There is also a selection of the new Viessmann heat pump program on view in Munich. The new range of split and monoblock air/water heat pumps launched just this year is setting new standards thanks to its particularly quiet operating noise and sophisticated design. At a distance of only three meters, for instance, the noise pressure level is already a mere 35 dB(A).

The Viessmann Group

The Viessmann Group is an internationally leading manufacturer of heating, industrial, and cooling systems. Founded in 1917, this family enterprise has a workforce of 12,000 employees and sales of € 2.25 billion, 54 percent of which is earned abroad. As a family enterprise, Viessmann places particular value on responsible business aimed at the long term, so sustainability is already firmly anchored in the company principles. Viessmann’s comprehensive range of products offers individual solutions with efficient systems and with capacities from one to 120,000 kW for all areas of application and all fuel sources.