Viessmann and sports: It belongs together!

For more than 20 years now, sports sponsoring has been part of our philosophy. We do it above all out of full conviction and enthusiasm for top-class sport. Whether biathlon, ski jumping, luge or Nordic combination: we support top athletes of numerous winter sports and accompany them on their way to success. We also promote youth work and talents in sport. In this context we support the C-Cadres of the German Ski Association (DSV).

In addition to winter sports, we also promote the development in motorsport and football. Since 2017 we are official partner of the Panasonic Jaguar Racing Team in the FIA Formula E World Championship. In the same year we expanded our existing partnership with the English professional football club Huddersfield Town.

In addition, we support a large number of local sports clubs in their responsible commitment.

Regardless of the type of sport, our Viessmann Selection Shop will keep you chic and sporty even in the off-season. Because the shop offers the right product for many occasions. Whether fan articles such as the official Viessmann team hat, winter sports wear for your next winter holiday or high-quality gifts: the "Viessmann Selection" trademark stands for top-quality products in function-oriented and aesthetic design.

Wir sind Winterfans! – We are winterfans!

We believe that top-products and top-class sport simply belong together. This is one of the reasons why we have been active in this area since 1993. From the World Cup and the Nordic Ski World Championships to the traditional Four Hills Tournament: we are represented at all important winter sports events and are partners of 30 athletes.

By sponsoring sports, we are committing ourselves to our social responsibility.

Winter sports athletes as a symbol for Viessmann and sport

Improving the ecological footprint of winter sports with the initiative "Wir sind Winterfans! – We are winterfans"

We love winter sports. No question! We love it when the snow transforms the landscape into a white splendour and sometimes makes it difficult for us to see. We love it when fans and responsible persons share the excitement with their stars so that they forget the bitter cold. And we love the way children's eyes start to shine when they watch their role models on skis or runners and applaud them as they race down the slopes.

In addition to this love and passion, there are two other reasons why we are committed to maintaining winter sports: the ongoing global warming and its consequences.

More and more the seasons are getting out of balance. Snow-covered pistes and bitter cold in winter are no longer a matter of course. Instead, the snowfall line continues to retreat. In deeper layers the sticky mud dominates instead of the white splendour. This has consequences for the winter sportsmen - and of course for the fans. To send out a signal, we have launched the initiative "Wir sind #Winterfans - We are #Winterfans" as a long-standing partner of winter sports.

Together with athletes and partners from society, politics, business and science, we develop solutions for a more sustainable winter sport. While we cannot stop climate change and its impacts, we can raise awareness among all stakeholders and provide environmentally friendly technologies that will benefit tomorrow's generations. Stars such as Laura Dahlmeier, Richard Freitag and Johannes Rydzek are also concerned about this topic.

A biathlete as a symbol for Viessmann and sport

Viessmann and Formula E

Formula E is all about efficiency and the best energy management. For us, these are the two areas that have distinguished us over the past 100 years of our company's existence. As we want to remain an innovation leader in the future, we embarked on a new century in 2017 and became an Official Partner of the Panasonic Jaguar Racing Team in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship.

The picture shows the Formula E-car as a symbol for Viessmann and sport

 The picture shows the drivers of the Panasonic Jaguar Racing Team as a symbol for Viessmann and Sport

The picture shows the Formula E-car during the race as a symbol for Viessmann and Sport

Electrification, energy efficiency and energy management

There are many parallels between Viessmann and Formula E: Right from the start, we ensure that the necessary warmth is provided with constant innovation and maximum environmental protection. From the very beginning we strive for perfection in everything we do, for tomorrow's technology. And from the very beginning we feel the courage and will to take the first step while the world was still about to stop.

The FIA Formula E World Championship is currently the youngest and most innovative form of motorsport. Only the team that optimally combines electrification, energy efficiency and energy management wins here. Instead of petrol, the fuel is renewable electricity, temporarily stored in high-performance car batteries and can be retrieved at any time thanks to intelligent technology. The FIA Formula E World Championship symbolizes the transition to a new energy age, where winning means more than just winning.

Take a ride with the next generation

Entering Formula E is therefore also a symbolically important step into a future in which efficient and intelligent storage technologies will play a decisive role. Together with the Panasonic Jaguar Racing Team we want to realize the vision of "Zero Emissions" and underline our commitment to innovative technologies and sustainability. We have already developed the technologies for the new energy age and the next generation, from the VitoCharge electricity storage technology to the Vitovalor 300 fuel cell unit and the generation of energy using heat pumps.

With Panasonic and Jaguar, we have found the ideal partners who also look back on a long tradition and at the same time are advancing with great innovative power. Panasonic is one of the world's largest and most successful companies and employs nearly 300,000 people worldwide. Jaguar, on the other hand, is a legend in motorsport and with its entry into Formula E, is paving the way for future electric vehicles.

Be there when we travel with our partners towards the future!

Viessmann and Huddersfield Town

With the departure “Into a new century" we not only want to break new ground, but also reflect on what is at the heart of our core: tradition. As part of the Viessmann sports sponsoring programme, we have therefore extended our cooperation with the traditional English club Huddersfield Town.

A cheering player of the football club Huddersfield as a symbol for Viessmann and sport

The starting team of the football club Huddersfield as a symbol for Viessmann and sport

The stadium of the football club Huddersfield as a symbol for Viessmann and sport

Back in the highest league with top Viessmann quality

Sometimes it takes a little time for an event to go down in history. In the case of the traditional English club Huddersfield Town, it was 45 years. As long as fans and officials have been eagerly awaiting the return to the Premier League. All the more reason to be happy when the decisive goal was scored in the penalty shootout in May 2017. The team was the first team to win the championship three times in a row: 1924,1925 and 1926, and with the sensational resumption of the championship, fans now have one more reason to look back on this glorious past.

In this respect, 2017 was a special year not only for Viessmann, but also for Huddersfield Town. In addition to athletic performance and good management, the quality "made in Germany" has also contributed to the realisation of this English football miracle. After all, in addition to the German coach and a handful of German players, Huddersfield Town has a sponsor at its side with Viessmann who has a long tradition of efficiency. News, background information and match reports of the team can also be found on the Facebook page of Huddersfield Town.

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